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Find out what life was like in a sect [new article]
February 23, 2014

Our Visit to a Sect

Well just trying to squeeze in a few minutes in a busy schedule that includes a full-time j-o-b to work on this site. I've decided to start putting up articles that don't adhere so strictly to the "theme" of this website and just rather, ramble on about subjects that are important to me (but still have a relationship to this site, of course).

So here is the first of these articles, which is unusual because it describes a first-hand experience that we had, something which I rarely do, as I prefer to keep my private life fairly separate from this site.

Also – COMMENTS are going up! So if you have recently (or not so recently) left a comment here on this site, it should be going up shortly (ie. in the next few weeks, not days!). This site doesn't have automatic commenting (as far as I'm aware of), so I have to put up all comments manually, hence it takes me some time.

Also, if you left a comment on one page and it doesn't appear there, I might have put it up on a different page, because I haven't set up a system (yet) to indicate to me which page each comment is coming from. So if your comment doesn't appear on the page you left it on, I might have placed it onto a related article instead.

Sorry, technical blips from someone who is NOT a techie and is most definitely NOT a web designer!

So now without any further ado, on to the latest articles and posts.

Well, this is a slight departure from the usual themes that I like to touch upon in this website. But I thought it would be interesting to describe a first-hand experience that we had, a few years ago.

As spiritual seekers, we often try out new spiritual fads, new currents of thinking, non-conventional religious models and, why not, alternative ways of living. So it might occasionally happen, that we get the opportunity to set foot inside a real, live sect, and catch a glimpse of what everyday life is like in these hermetically sealed environments.

I'm amazed that anyone could just accept sect doctrine as if it were scripture and believe in it with all their heart and that anything anyone else says is wrong or evil. Especially people born and raised outside this community (in the "real, normal" world). I find it hard to believe that they could ever accept what the doctrine teaches as the one and only truth, and reject everything they had ever been taught in their pre-sect life.

But I'll tell you later what doctrines and dogmas this group of people teaches them. First, our visit!

We went to see my friend who had joined the sect because she invited us. I'd talked quite a few times on the phone with her and she kept insisting that we come to see for ourselves what her new life was like. She kept referring to the place where she lived as an "ecological village". An ecological village is a trend that is becoming more and more fashionable here in Spain lately, something similar to "homesteading" or "back to the land" in the States, I guess......

Read more......

Readers' Questions

And here are the latest questions from readers:

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Q: I've done quite a bit of research and I figured out that I am a clairsentient. But after reading your advice about clairvoyants I'm not sure because most of the examples describe me......

Q: I just recently found out that I am an empathy psychic. Only thing is I don't like being able to sense spirits it scares me. How can I overcome this fear?

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