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Thank You From the Depths of My Heart For Reading My Words!
August 17, 2014

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Thank You From the Depths of My Heart

You might be wondering (or you might not), what's with the new logo?

Why do I say we should live our dreams now, because tomorrow will be too late?

I saw an old Italian movie once called "Tomorrow Will Be Too Late". I don't remember very much what it was about, and I didn't understand it a lot.

But I remember it was about a boy who had to do everything that he wanted to do in life, NOW! Because he was dying from cancer, and for him, tomorrow would literally be too late.

You don't have to wait until you're dying from cancer (or some other deadly disease) to start to fulfil your dreams.

You've only got NOW!

You're alive NOW!

You're well enough NOW to start working towards your dreams.

You don't know what will happen tomorrow.

What if you got a deadly disease tomorrow, and you had no more time left?

What if you just keep procrastinating, and all your time runs out?

What if your favourite soap opera announces tomorrow that they've been booked for 60 more seasons? And you can't miss any episodes of your favourite soap opera, you know.

So that means you're gonna be occupied for the next 60 seasons.

No, folks.


All his life, my father advised me: You have to get a job that you hate and work hard at it in order to guarantee your good retirement. You have to do something that you hate until you retire. It's the only way to make sure you have money when you retire.

The only ethical thing to do, he used to say all the time, is to work hard at something that you hate until you retire. You should wait until you retire before you start to enjoy life and do the things that you like.

He spent all his days counting how many days, and weeks, and months, and years, he had left before he would retire.

He wasted his whole life waiting for retirement.

What did he do when he retired?

Did he travel around the world? Go and visit his friends? Go for walks in the park?

No. After he retired, he spent his whole life looking after my mother, who was ill.

He didn't travel anywhere. He didn't work on his hobbies. He didn't go for long, leisurely strolls in the park. He didn't visit with his friends.

He had no friends to visit. He'd spent all his waking hours working at a job that he hated, so he never made any friends.

He didn't go travelling, because since he'd never travelled before, he was too scared to go travelling. What if he got robbed? What if he got lost?

So he didn't go travelling.

He didn't work on any hobbies. He'd spent all his waking hours working at a job that he hated, so he didn't have any hobbies. And since he had never taken up any hobbies, he didn't know what he liked to do, or how to do it.

So he didn't take up any hobbies.

On the other hand, my mother had dreamt of being a writer all her life.

That was her dream. She dreamt of writing a book and seeing it published. She dreamt that people would read her words.

She sat down at her desk a thousand times to write something. But she could never think of anything to say.

So then she went into the living-room, sat down and watched soap operas.

One soap opera led to 2. Then 3. Then 5.

By the end of her life she was spending the whole afternoon, from lunchtime to supper, watching one soap opera after another.

Her book never got written.

I, on the other hand, know that I am writing words that people DO read.

And I really, really, really want to thank you all from the depths of my heart for reading my words every day, on the website, in these emails.


I hope that maybe I can write the words that my mother never wrote, and that people will read these words. On the website. In emails. In books.

Well, speaking about books. I don't want to harp on very much about it, but in about 24 hours I'll be putting the price on my first ebook up to its regular price.

I don't do well with schedules, strict timetables or "must do's" at all. I often see these websites where they have a clock that counts down the hours and minutes until a special ends, and the price of the product goes up to its regular price.

That's not something I do well at all!

I want to give everyone a fair chance to snatch up my book at its discount price no matter where you live. And I'm aware that since I live in Europe, I'm ahead in time of about at least half the people who read these newsletters.

I can't be bothered to calculate time zone differences and all that stuff. So to be fair to everyone, no matter which part of earth you live in, what I'll do is that I'll just simply get up tomorrow morning and do the usual morning chores.

That takes me a while, because I'm a single mother so I've got kids to take care of and no one to help me.

And when I'm done doing all that, I'll just sit down and calmly raise the price.

No fanfare. No more big announcements.

And no time deadlines for me either. So I don't have to worry about, oh, I've got to do this or that before a certain hour.

Well, no new articles on the website this time round either. Just this blog post.

I've been busy preparing a coupla new freebies, exclusively for YOU, my beloved subscribers. I don't know when they will be ready but I imagine soon. I can't stand schedules and I only do things when I feel like it.

So I can't promise anything by this or that deadline. But I do promise that as soon as they're ready, you're going to be the FIRST to know about it!

So, tootaloo for the moment. As always, I wish you ALL absolutely THE BEST in your life.

And remember –

Live your dreams today!
Tomorrow will be too late.

With all my love.
Serena Amadis

P.S. Once again here is the link to the page where for just 24 hours more (approximately) you can get my first ebook at a discount price. And read some more of my words.

Or you can read some more of my words on the website for free.

But they won't be the SAME words as the ones that are in my book, of course.

I'd like to invite you to take the time to browse through a few articles on my site. You can read about the origin of the name of the site, The Seas Of Mintaka, here in this article on The Story of The Seas Of Mintaka. Find the latest articles and blog posts here at The Seas Of Mintaka Site Blog. And you can read up on what I personally believe and stand for in this article on What I Defend.

Or you can click here to go to the Seas Of Mintaka Home Page.

Wishing you all the best in your life and a great day today!

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