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The Pen Is Stronger Than Steel
January 10, 2015

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Stronger Than Steel

Today’s newsletter is going to be a bit unusual. It’s also an article that I’m NOT publishing on the website, because I prefer to keep the website totally apolitical and a-religious, open and welcoming to people of all beliefs and ideologies. (And also because Google hates duplicate content on the internet hehe.)

However, I really wanted to comment on this subject. You can still read the complete article in all its glory and splendour (and in French as well), if you wish, on the site where I DID publish it, which is on my personal blog.

You can go there by clicking here.

I’m usually quite apolitical, to the point that I usually don’t even know who is in power anywhere at any given moment. But I wanted to say:

Perhaps we are only bloggers or website owners, and not many people read us. But I want to say to all bloggers out there:

Keep blogging. Keep exercising your right to freedom of expression, and putting down on paper (or rather, on the computer screen) whatever happens to be on your minds. As long as we don’t perpetrate hatred towards any individual or groups of people, or encourage people to kill or murder......

And if you are a cartoonist, of course, by all means, keep going. Stronger than ever before.

We won’t be afraid. We won’t live our lives in fear.

Those people who wish to silence us or oppress us through intimidation, terror, tyranny or cowardly acts of violence will never win.

Remember that the pen is always stronger than the sword.

And yes it’s also true as some once said: Love is stronger than hatred.

(By the way, if you are curious as to what fate usually awaits people who MURDER, torture and cause suffering in cold blood, you can read the following article: The Gates of Heaven. From the point of view of the universe (and karma), killing a person is serious business. And it’s something you will pay for over and over again in lifetime after lifetime.)

Remember to –

Live your dreams today
Tomorrow will be too late

And remember always, that LOVE is the strongest force in the universe.

LOVE is stronger than bombs, or guns, or swords.

And those who are moved by LOVE will ALWAYS win, in the long run, over those who are motivated by hatred, bigotry, scorn or disdain or intolerance.

With all my love,
Serena Amadis

We are all Charlie.

(At least for one day!)

(After that I want to go back to being ME haha......)

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